Important information: general strike | Aerobús

Important information: general strike

UPDATE: All bus stops are operative and the route is as usual.


Due to the general strike in Barcelona, demonstrations and road blockages may affect our bus service today, Tuesday October 3rd.

We are maintaining 75 % of our frecuency, meaning there is a bus every 7-10 minutes for line A1 (to terminal T1) and a bus every 12-15 minutes for line A2 (to terminal T2).

It is not possible to predict how the service might be affected by unforseen circumstances later today. However, a minimum service of 50 % is guaranteed during the entire day. The minimum service is a frequency of 10 minutes for line A1 and 20 minutes for line A2.


As of tomorrow 4/10 our service will be working again as usual (starting 5:00h from Pl. Catalunya with the normal frequency).


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