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Wheel chair Adapted for wheelchair ramp

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You can buy your ticket from the staff at the bus stops (cash only payments), at the automatic sales machines (payment by credit card) or by paying the bus driver (cash only payments). Encashment change up to 20 €.


Single ticket: 5,90 € *     (B.I.: 5,36 € + IVA 10%: 0,54 €)

Valid for one person and his/her luggage and valid up to one hour after purchasing.


Return ticket: 10,20 € *     (B.I.: 9,27 € + IVA 10%: 0,93 €)

Valid for person and his/her luggage. Valid GOING up to 1 hour after purchasing, and valid RETURN up to 15 days after purchasing. You must keep the ticket in order to exchange it for the return ticket trip.


  • Integrated travel tickets (T-10, T-Mes, T-50/30, T-Trimestre T-Jove, T-Familiar, T-Dia) are not valid for this service.
  • All children under 4 years free ticket.
  • You can not book tickets in advance.


* Prices valid until the next rate change


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