Aerobus - Conditions of carriage

Conditions of carriage

AEROBÚS conditions: provide the exact amount or the closest possible

Please provide the exact amount or the closest possible (maximum change 20 €).

AEROBÚS conditions: QR code is validated on board the bus

Tickets with QR code must be validated at the entrance of the vehicle.

AEROBÚS conditions. keep your ticket during the whole jorney

Keep your ticket during the whole journey.

AEROBÚS conditions: please do not distract the bus driver

Please do not distract the driver.

AEROBÚS conditions: reserved seats

Be kind to everyone and cede reserved seats to those who need them.

AEROBÚS conditions: do not eat or dring inside the bus

Do not eat or drink inside the vehicles.

AEROBÚS conditions: space reserved for the luggage

Place your bags in the space reserved for the luggage.

AEROBÚS conditions: request your stop in advance

Request your stop in advance.

AEROBÚS conditions. continue to the exit door if the bus stop in nearby

Continue to the exit door if the bus stop is nearby.

AEROBÚS conditions: Keep an eye on your belongings

Please keep an eye on your belongings.



  • To be transported and continue the journey in case of service disruption due to a technical incident.
  • To request and receive information on services or route modifications.
  • To be treated with respect and properly by the staff.
  • To submit a claim and receive a reply.


  • Smoking is not allowed on board.
  • It is forbidden to damage and vandalize buses and stops.
  • Passengers must board and alight at the indicated doors.
  • Passengers must satisfy with appropriate conditions of health and hygiene in order to not annoy or inconvenience other customers.
  • You must follow instructions given by our staff and/or displayed on information signs.
  • Travelling with animals is not allowed except for assistance dogs or small domestic animals kept in suitable containers.
  • Staff may refuse entry or remove from the bus passengers who not fulfil the above mentioned conditions.


  • Passengers must have a valid ticket for their whole journey.
  • The AEROBÚS service is not included in the Integrated Fare System. Passengers must therefore purchase the specific AEROBÚS ticket.
  • Children under 4 years travel for free.
  • Tickets tampered with or damaged are invalid.


  • Travelling without a valid ticket will be sanctioned with a minimum penalty fare of €100.
  • This is an extract from the passenger regulations of the public transport services covered by the Barcelona Metropolitan Transport Authority. Read the full conditions of carriage on the website of AMB.
  • The bus drivers and bus stop staff can provide claim forms.